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The Benchmark Clinic of Integrative Medicine offers a bridge between the western medical model of health care and the traditional, time tested methods of healing and maintaining health. We are happy to work with other primary care physicians and specialists to assure the best care for our patients. We also strive to bring together the best of both modern and traditional medicine in a supportive, comfortable environment, where we consider all of the aspects of each patient as an individual, and then create a specialized treatment plan for that patient to restore and maintain their health.

One of the unfortunate truths in our culture is that people commonly seek health care only at the point of illness, which often leads to treatment of only superficial symptoms with prescription medications. Unfortunately, many of these medications fail to address the underlying cause of the illness, and come with the risk of drug related side effects.

Dr. Sauter is trained as a primary care physician, and in everyday practice, she treats a little bit of everything, from back pain and common viruses to depression and heart disease – but the treatment protocol always begins with supportive care, and only relies on aggressive methods when absolutely necessary. At the Benchmark Clinic you will be treated as a whole person, wherever you are in your life journey. Our goal is to nurture you in recovery and support you in wellness. Click here for a list of conditions treated.

Conveniently located in NW Portland, the clinic offers physical exams and diagnostic testing, as well as counseling and gentle solutions for the symptoms that can occur in times of normal transitions, such as puberty and mid-life. We can provide you with diet advice and nutritional programs for men and women over 65 years young, and for folks at all stages of life.  Click here for a list of services.