• Online interface
  • Synchronized smartphone app

This interface tracks macronutrients (protein/carb/fat) and a handful of micronutrients. Input your foods into a daily diary to track your daily calorie intake. Input your workouts and exercise to track the calories you burn. Adjust your macronutrient ratios, generate time-lapse reports for weight gain or loss, and enter your own recipes.

Focus: Monitor calories eaten and calories burned in exercise in regards to weight

This interface is ideal if you:

  • want your food diary available on both a computer and on a smartphone app
  • eat packaged foods with barcodes
  • synchronize your food diary with your other fitness apps
  • want to use the same interface to track the calories you burn during workouts
  • enjoy a social aspect, connecting with other members for support


FitNotes is a free fitness app for tracking exercise and fitness goals. You can add exercises, use pre-loaded templates or specify reps and weight or time and distance when creating new routines. You can also make notes, track your progress calendar, and generate graphs. For android or iphone:



  • Smartphone app

A smartphone app that tracks macronutrients, all the micronutrients, and calories eaten. Customize your own macronutrient ratios, input your own recipes, easily search for foods & ingredients by color, and research specific nutrients to find out which foods they’re contained in. Based on your food diary, the app provides “Suggestions to eat next” to meet your recommended daily intake of vitamins and nutrients.

Focus: Optimize nutrient intake through whole foods and health-promoting recipes

This app is ideal if you:

  • eat primarily whole, unprocessed foods
  • cook at home most of the time
  • want detailed information about micronutrients in food sources
  • don’t mind exclusively using your smartphone for food diary and nutrition research (no website)
  • aren’t concerned with tracking calories burned during workouts, or are tracking elsewhere


  • Online interface
  • Synchronized smartphone app

This interface is like a blend between MyFitnessPal and Wholesome. It offers a lot more information regarding micronutrients and basal metabolic rate than MyFitnessPal, but still emphasizes weight loss goals and does not provide the recipes or nutrition suggestions that Wholesome does. Link to Fitbit, Withings, or Jawbone fitness trackers.

Focus: Monitor calories eaten, nutrients, and calories burned to track weight loss

Additional Nutrition Websites & Apps


  • Online interface
  • Smartphone app

Compare items on supermarket shelves to see which foods have more nutrients and fewer additives


  • Online interface
  • Smartphone app

Track weight loss and access dozens of resources about health & fitness


  • Online interface
  • Smartphone app

Track weight loss, count calories, and connect with other users


  • Smartphone app only

Track weight loss, count calories, and connect with other users


Download some of our favorite recipes. Tips on nutrition, anti-inflammatory diet, calcium, protein food sources, and more.



This list was kindly compiled by Caroline Hinchliff, a graduate of the Nutrition masters program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland. She is completed her internship at The Benchmark Clinic of Integrative Medicine in NW Portland.