benchmark_hydration_natural_medicineWhen people don’t drink enough water (at least 10 glasses per day) it affects the health of our brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, digestive system, temperature regulation, joints, back, skin, and urinary tract. It’s especially critical for patients who are immuno-compromised, children, and the elderly. Here are a few links for supplemental information about water purity and filters.

Not All Water Filters Are Created Equal: Filtration & Science

Free Lead Testing in Portland

Although we’re very fortunate to have a relatively good water supply, Portland area water does contain contaminants, and it is treated with chemicals, which affects the taste – people often don’t drink water simply because it tastes bad. Old pipes, well water, and aging housing create an environment in which lead, arsenic, parasites and biofilm are present.

Contaminants in Local Water Supplies:

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